Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HappySad Curious?

See, it's like this...

I'm afraid to come out because someone has threatened my life.
What did I ever do to this person to elicit such feelings?
Why you gotta be such a hater? Such a HappySad Hater?

I'm severely distressed, peeking out of the tiny space over the top of the locked drawer at the outside world, knowing I have special joy to spread that may never be spread at makes me cry a little bit, like at the end of "Beaches."

Should I put my personal safety aside and emerge to commence my special joyspreading?
Or do I remain hidden in the locked dark, keeping my special joy to my secret self some secret special dark thing.

Please, Bette Middler, you're the candle in the wind beneath my wings! Show me the way


1 comment:

Jake Cordova said...

You've taunted me for years, HappySad Snowman. You're a damn stuffed sock with a drawn-on face. A SOCK!!

It's time for you to die...